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George Ross

  • Alana de Vries
    Entrepreneur | Innovator | Founder | CEO
    Smartmobi Trading and Commpas Consulting

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Alana once dreamed of running her own business and first started as a contractor in 2008. Project Managing and Implementing solutions for clients. In recent times her focus has changed slightly so that she can focus on her vision, which is to solve problems for people and implementing her ideas around the globe.

Adding value to people by coming up with solutions to make their lives easier is what makes her tick. Being a mother and a nurturer by nature, her passion is helping others. She is quick to find strategic solutions to problems and transforming business in doing so.

One such problem is offering every South African or visitor to our country a chance for access to Automated Emergency Service Response, no matter where you live, travel or visit, within South African borders, providing they have their mobile phones and are within signal range our emergency vehicles can be dispatched to you automatically.

Aligning with strategic partners and clients, makes the implementation of these solutions seamless and fast, bringing access to customers a lot quicker.

Being a sports woman all her life playing Softball and action cricket, she understands the importance of teams and relationships. Her team is dedicated in offering the best solutions with fast implementation, forming lasting fruitful relationships with clients and partners.

The highlight of her career so far, is having the pleasure of meeting Dr John Demartini – Study of human behavior (Demartini Institute), Roger Hamilton – Levels of wealth (Wealth Dynamics), Mr. George Ross, Donald Trump’s right hand man, JT Foxx – Serial Entrepreneur and Peter Sage – Personal development.

Rubbing shoulders with these great men and like minded entrepreneurs opens her Relational Network substantially, giving her access to even more Entrepreneurs’ with the a higher quality of strategic partnerships.

Our Partners

Our partners and investors are very important to your success and are critical when offering turnkey solutions to our clients or customers. Whether it be mobile services or commerce payments, they trust us just as we respect their privacy.

Having a dynamic team which caters for our clients’needs is important to the success and growth of their business. With a team of this calibre it makes it easy to deliver to our clients. Speed of implementation is your key to success. Our team has many years of experience in their respective divisions and fields within their industries and provide a compliant, secure, certified offering to all.

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