1.  Automated Emergency Management Services: Allowing citizens to access the emergency service from a mobile phone enables everyone an equal opportunity to emergency services response.
  2. Container Schools : Strategic partnership with Kutenga Technologies allows us to focus on learning and education in South Africa, by giving Corporates and other Businesses the opportunity to invest in these school in the Rural areas. Schools are fully electronic and are Solar powered. Our vision is to afford all children and communities access to education and learning, including sustainable projects to continue running the school within the communities. Contact us if you are interested in investing in an opportunity to increase our learning and education in South Africa.


  1. Sim Card Rica Agents distribution network: Supplying stock to Agents through a Blue Chip company allows for better deals and empowers the Agent to earn more.
  2. Airtime Distribution: Out strategic partners brings the best deals with higher margins helping our Airtime Entrepreneurs reach higher financial freedom.
  3. Become a Rica Agent: Our Partner, with an already well established Agent network is branching out nationally and is recruiting quality agents. Only entrepreneurs with the passion to build their business are considered for this brand.
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