Help Me Get My Mobile App Launched

Thank you to Mark Sham founder of Suits & Sneakers and Juanita Cardoso, my cousin.

Mark is very passionate about informal learning and believes that education is the number one factor to get poor to a level of where they can actively contribute to the economy. He also believes that by providing free education, as the poor cannot afford university, this will help get our poor a bit closer to shortening the gap with the rich.

Suits & Sneakers was founded by Mark just over 2 years ago and has worked endlessly to be able to provide free education to our youth and promote informal learning in the workplace.  Today, Mark released a video confirming that MAKRO will be the official sponsor of Suits & Sneaker for the next year to bring informal learning to the next level.

To see what Mark is up to visit his site.

A hearty thank you to Mark and Juanita for your generous contribution.